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August 17, 2016

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September 17, 2017

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Life in Black & White

July 8, 2016

I've spent a lot of time recently pondering whether or not to hold my very first Photography Exhibition. A lot of my work is very personal to me and I like to remember little stories that surround the images I produce. I don't often share my images or at least my best images as I feel somewhat protective of them and what they mean to me. 


One of my favourite things is to capture natural, almost insignificant everyday moments of people going about their daily business. I don't get much time to do this whilst i'm in the UK as most of my weekends are taken up with weddings and during the week running my shop. I have been fortunate enough however to spend a lot of time in countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand and have built up quite a collection of images from these trips.  


So I have decided (reluctantly) to do an exhibition (dates to be confirmed) of these images... "Life in Black & White" . Not a great title but go easy as this is my first blog and my first exhibition.



Tuk-Tuk - Bangkok


The exhibition is going to feature street scenes that occur daily in South East Asia, but would look completely out of place in down town Accrington. It will include images of people, normal people going about normal daily routines... riveting stuff right... the majority of images are shot in colour originally but given the "black & white" treatment in post-processing, although there are a few that were originally shot in monochrome. I'm as yet undecided on the colour photos. 


All of these shots are a sort of "point and shoot" with a bit more technique. The great thing is about Street Photography is that if you miss it, its gone, making everything a little bit more natural. Street photography takes a keen eye and quick thinking when it comes to camera settings. I tend to choose a single focal length such as 35mm, 50mm or 100mm and stick with that lens throughout the day. Sticking with a single focal length certainly has its down sides such as missing the bigger picture or skipping past the smaller details but I find it can quickly teach you the abilities of not just yourself but also of your camera/lens.


Anyway I will have to go now...work to do. Hopefully be able to let you lovely people know of a date for the exhibition and with any luck I will see you all at the show.




Khao San - Thailand



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